BIS sports are contracted through the Burlingame Parks and Recreation.  Sign up for fall and winter sports here.



To report an absence or inform us of a need for independent study, please call or email BIS Attendance at (650) 259-3830 or, respectively.  If a call is not made, a note from a parent/guardian must be given to the office upon return.


If a student is going to be absent from school for five days or more, please contact the school at least five days in advance for an Independent Study Contract.



Cell phones, electronic devices, earbuds and headphones must be turned off and put away and zipped up while INSIDE BIS GATES. Packets do not count.  This policy is in effect from 8:25 a.m - 3:10 p.m. DAILY.



Your student is not required to purchase/bring a home computer, smart phone or school supplies to BIS.


The school's official electronics policy does not allow for any personal electronic usage during school hours (only personal device usage for teacher-approved projects/times.) BIS has electronic resources for students to use (although not 1:1 for each student). Students may also print out assignments at school, or oftentimes hand them in digitally. So while some students bring in their electronics to use, it is truly a personal choice and is definitely not required.


Principal Greg Land can address concerns about extensive school supply lists and reiterates that students are not required to purchase anything. Many families choose to buy individual notebooks, binders, folders, paper, filled pencil cases... However, needed supplies will be provided for students that do not have them.



Please do not drop off forgotten items or food for your students.


“Fight the temptation to bring your child’s forgotten homework to school. Kids gain resilience by learning from small failures.” -Denise Pope, Challenge Success, Stanford School of Education.


If your child forgets items for school, this an ideal opportunity to allow your student space to develop on their own and make mistakes.   Office staff can not interrupt classroom instruction regarding forgotten items or food. We also do not have the capacity to hold items or food for students to pick up.




The office staff is happy to help if a student needs a required medication or has a health condition that requires specific food or support. 





If you become ill at school, report to your teacher FIRST and then request a pass to go to the office.


ID cards: 

Students must carry their ID card with them on campus. ID cards are needed to buy lunch and check out materials.



Parents must come into the office and sign the student out at the counter. Students will be called from class upon parents' arrival to the office.




The BIS library is open all year around and during lunch. Volunteers are always needed!



Make a lunch plan. Please note that it is important to fill out the Free and Reduced Lunch Application if you are eligible:

  • Secure funding for your school
  • Receive discounted utilities
  • Childcare through San Mateo County
  • Establish eligibility for afterschool programs


Students who have been absent from class should refer to individual teacher’s policies to determine the amount of time given to make up missed assignments. Please email teachers directly for make-up homework or refer to Power School.



Fill out any necessary medical forms for your student.



Students are not allowed to carry medications of any type during the school day. All types of medication must be kept in the school office.



Restorative practices at BIS cultivate students' sense of belonging through proactive community building by helping students repair and restore relationships after harm is caused to another member of the community, The use of restorative practices has been proven to decrease misbehavior, reduce the need for disciplinary actions, increase perceived safety, and increase academic achievement campus-wide.



Students are supervised for 15 minutes before school and 15 minutes after school. Students on campus outside these supervised times must be involved in a school-sponsored activity.



Bus:  Determine if your student should take the bus.


Samtrans Bus Route 46 is contracted directly with BSD and runs on school days from south Burlingame to BIS.  Route 46 is not a public route and only picks up and drops off BSD/BIS students. Fares are $1.10 per ride and can be refilled on your student's Clipper Card.  


Bus 46 Timetable


Need a card right away? Get an adult card in person at:

  • Many Walgreens, and Whole Foods Market stores and other participating retail locations
  • Transit agency ticket offices and Clipper Customer Service Centers
  • Muni Metro and Golden Gate Ferry ticket machines and SMART fare machines (minimum value required)

Adult Clipper cards cost $3. Clipper waives this fee if you set up Autoload when you order your card online. If you buy a card at a Muni Metro or Golden Gate Ferry ticket machine or a SMART fare machine, you must add a minimum value to your card. Otherwise, no minimum value is required.


**SamTrans Youth Application needs to be sent/emailed into SamTrans.


Bike:  There are bike racks located in front of BIS. The bike racks are locked after the opening bell rings and is unlocked after final dismissal.


Walk: There are a lot of kids who walk or get dropped off a few blocks away from BIS to help traffic flow. Please refer to the Safe Routes to BIS.



Sign up for PowerSchool so you can have visibility into your student's academic performance and schedule.  Electives are described here.



A new California law requires all students entering 7th grade to be vaccinated against whooping cough. By law, students who do not have proof of receiving a Tdap booster shot will not be able to start school until proof is provided to the school. (The tetanus-diptheria booster shot, Td, will not meet the requirement.)

Read more here >


TDAP:  California law requires all students entering 7th grade to be vaccinated against whooping cough.  Students are required to provide documentation of TDAP (tetanus-diptheria booster shot, Td, will not meet the requirement) before the fall semester begins.


COVID-19:  As of the 2022-23 academic year, a COVID-19 vaccination is not required for students.



No one is allowed onto the campus without prior permission from the administration. Parents/guardians must check in at the office and get a visitor badge if they need to come on campus for any reason. Please make an appointment to meet with teachers before coming to school.



In order to attend BIS, a student must reside in the City of Burlingame (94010) with at least one parent or legal guardian. If resident status changes, parents/guardians must apply for an Inter-District transfer in order to remain at BIS. Inter-District transfer forms may be picked up at the District Office.